After seven years defending Chelsea, Willian did not think twice about accepting a proposal from Arsenal at the end of his relationship with his London neighbor. A three-year contract made the Gunners’ intentions clear, it was difficult to deny: he would arrive to be the reference of a team in transformation, which aimed to return to the top of English football. However, in less than six months, the reality facing the Brazilian is totally opposite to what was expected.

Five months after his debut, Willian has accumulated just 25 games for the Gunners, with no goals scored and with only three assists. The poor performance made him bitter on the bench and possibly live the worst moment of his career. He has stayed on the bench for the past five games, with just 90 minutes added – in one of them he has not even been used.

Last Thursday (18), against Benfica, for the first knockout of the Europa League, even though he needed offensive strength to try to reverse the 1 to 1 on the scoreboard, Willian was placed only in extra time, with just one minute to go. end of the game. “I don’t say it is unfair (the criticisms), as the expectation was really high for what he could produce in terms of goals and assists”, said Arteta. “You expect him to be a part of the starting lineup, so it’s normal for people to say these things about him”.