The last Tuesday, 02, was of extreme happiness for the fans of Flamengo after the confirmation of the permanence of the coach Jorge Jesus until the middle of next year. The negotiation had been going on for some time and had a positive outcome for the red-black nation.

The Portuguese reached impressive levels of performance and undisputed titles during his stay at Ninho do Urubu. The results surprised many fans, but one player in particular showed immense confidence in Jesus’ work.

This is defender Arsenal’s David Luiz. Both have had great friendships since the times of Benfica and continue talking even in distant clubs. The Brazilian says that he never doubted the success of the coach in Brazil and that he spoke to Jesus before the agreement with Flamengo.

Asked if in the conversations with Jorge Jesus the subject of a possible transfer to Flamengo is discussed, David Luiz did not respond and said that the chats with the Portuguese go beyond football.